• When interacting with me, please keep in mind I do not owe strangers anything, &I do not have to cater to your feelings about my art or OCs. If you don't like my art, I don't care, & you're free to block me

  • If there's ever a problem, concern, something you'd like to say or even if I'm missing you on my queue please don't hesitate to reach out to me immediately! I'm forgetful! ➜ please address personal issues you have with me privately.

  • you don't have to ask to use my art for icons/banners etc! All i ask is for credit! However do not repost/edit, trace my work or use my ocs for rp/other weird ass shit.. I will call it out.

β˜… art by 5unri5e666

    β€§β‚ŠΛšβ˜…ε½‘ (Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰ πŸŒΏπŸ€πŸŒ± Hi I'm KJ! i draw & write!! I'm very much fixated on a few things ill frequently draw/talk about!! ( MCU | venom, spiderman & Ironman )

    • 🌈 KJ / Princy / TY / Tyrone β˜…

    • πŸƒ black β˜… he/any (no she/her)

    • 🎠 Trades/RQ/Collabs: closed

    • 🎍 Artist β˜… πŸ–οΈβœ¨freelancer!

    • ➜ DNI: i'll block if you make / support smthn that makes me uncomfortable [ racists, pedos/zoos, racists, anti-lgbtq | support jshlatt, dream, problematic stuff/CCs, far right ]

    if a social media is not listed here it's most likely not me! I will publicly point out impersonation / theft accounts & people wrongfully using my art.

    ➜ Check back here periodically for updates! I update this carrd more than my commissins carrd


    i don't know when i'll be re-opening commissions! Please keep in mind i have a long queue to complete and i don't have a working computer to keep drawing; you may ask to be on the pinglist though!


    if youd like to be notified when my commissions are open feel free to ask me on any available platforms!

    • @seths


    • 2 headshots for @Snowwyflake [ lineart ]

    • icon commission for @srjollo [ not started ]

    • icon + Fullbody for @doom (details) [ awaiting info ]

    • fullbody for @OctoberCoyote (details) [ sketched ]

    • icon for @fizzyhss


    • art trade with @jury (their part done) [ lineart ]

    • design trade w/ @coyotears (details)[ not started ]

    • design trade w/ @kahzooka (details) [ not started ]

    • art trade w/ adrianstarkie started ]


    • fullbody for @Mania (details) [ sketched ]

    • sketchpage for @coddybarks [ started ]

    • fullbody for @cloudsleepyy (details) [ not started ]

    • 3 fullbodies, 1 custom, 2 icons for @jager [ sketched ]

    πŸ“¨ Please make sure to read this before sending me any questions regarding art, commissions, my OCs or anything else so i don't have to repeat myself!! while you're not obligated to read it just keep in mind if its discussed here i probably won't reply depending on what it is

    • please keep dms limited to commission inquires, letting me know if there's something i need to know/address (impersonator, art thief / reposter, etc)

    • please check my 🌾commissions page!🌾 before asking me when commissions will re-open/etc! It's always updated/being updated!

    • Please do not dm me asking me to spread / rt something for you primarily b/c: if it is not my issue im not going to get involved.

    • idk please just use common sense, be respectful and responsible thanks